Saturday, December 27, 2008


Israel thought it was clever in launching a massive preemptive strike against Gaza. The military said it was aimed at stopping terrorism. Already two hundred and twenty lives have been snuffed out. Israel mourns the loss of the thirty some Israelis who have perished in conflict this year, and there deaths are tragic, but seven times that many Palestinians have been murdered in a single day. Israel is not interested in fighting terrorism. This was an act of terrorism. It was a cowardly onslaught that made no distinction between civilian and soldier. It began just as children were returning from school. Israel says it was meant to deter rocket attacks, but they cannot be so naive as to not realize that a hundred rockets will be launched out of Gaza for every missile that is launched into Gaza. An Israeli civilian has already been killed in retaliatory attacks. Hamas has been made more popular by this attack than it ever has been before. This was not difficult to foresee. It is not difficult to see that there will be more retaliatory attacks. Perhaps it is because they foresaw this response the Israelis launched this brutal massacre. Perhaps they are only trying to provoke a response that will give them a pretext for further aggression.


Bar Kochba said...

YA, what should Israel have done? Close to 200 (!!!!!) rockets have been launched against Southern Israel in the past week. Not only is Sderot under attack but Ashkelon and Ashdod. Beer Shevah is said to be within rocket range. The military estimates that close to a quarter of Israeli schools in the south are in the range of Gaza missiles. Hamas refused to renew the (not) truce. Enough is enough.

Whenever Israel defends itself, the world cries "disproportionate response". Whether 2 or 200 000 are killed, the world will cry crocodile tears and condemn the evil Jewish state. The same world that was silent when the Jews of Europe were chocked and burnt, who sat silent as thousands of rockets fell of Sderot, who make excuses and justify Islamic and Arab barbarism and murder, suddenly speak up when Israel defends itself. What is proportionate response? To attack a terrorist for every Jew killed? Was it proportionate response when the US nuked Japan and destroyed its ancestral religion in response to the attack on Pearl Harbour? Was it proportionate to invade Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11?

The Arabs of Gaza elected Hamas as their leaders. This is a murderous genocidal band of terrorists who are dedicated to killing Jews. I pray that Israel turns Gaza into a parking lot, brings Hamas to their knees and eradicates the evil that festers there.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, and we will go forth in the name of HaShem our G-d.

G-d protect the members of the IDF, and avenge the spilled blood of His servants.

nindee said...

"I pray that Israel turns Gaza into a parking lot"

I know not every israeli thinks the way you do...

there 1,5 million people, human being, there.
what would you do to them?
throw them from their houses?
control their movement?
isolate them?
kill them?

whoa, i forget.
you already did that.

i'm sorry for people who lost their lifes, both palestinians and israelis.

young activist,
if u don't mind i'd like to add you to my blogroll.


young_activist said...

Yes, please feel free to add me.

This Bar Kochba is not even Israeli, he is just a freelance bigot who thinks that only casulties on one side of the conflict are important and the rest are well deserved. Not much different from the way Hamas thinks.