Friday, January 9, 2009


During the campaign many hopefully asked if Barak Obama thought human rights was an issue where a departure from past policy would be appropriate. Today Barak Obama answered them with the appointment of the war criminal Adm. Dennis C. Blair to the post of Director of National Intelligence. From 1999 until his retirement from the Navy in 2002 Blair was commander of the U.S Pacific command, the highest ranking American military official in the region.

In April 1999 pro-Indonesian paramilitary death squads assisted by the Indonesian military went on a rampage at the Catholic church in Liquiçá hacking between 67 and 200 hundred people to death and plastering their flesh to the church walls. That same month a second massacre of civilians occurred at the home of pro-independence campaigner Manuel Carrascalao. Two day after the first massacre Blair met with Gen. Wiranto, head of the Indonesian military, and conveyed the message of continued U.S support and offered increased American military assistance, including aid to the Brimbb death squad that participated in the church massacre. Blair defied orders from the White House to instruct Wiranto to disband the militias. He invited the General to Hawaii as his personal guest. The message was clear, Wiranto continued the policy of terrorizing East Timor. Thousands of civilians died in the subaequnet violence.

Wiranto was charged with war crimes for his role in the violence of East Timor. Admiral Blair must also be held to account. Admiral Blair belongs in court, not in the nation's highest intelligence office. Obama is not naiive. He grew up in Indonesia. He knows exactly what was going on in East Timor with the complicity of Adm. Blair. The message is clear: if Obama ever was concerned about human rights he is now willing to violate them in order to advance perceived American interests.


nindee said...

Have you received my email about east timor?

Wiranto is expected to run again for presidency this year. He didn't win back then in 2004. And i think he will lose again in our next election.

Obama, i don't think he won't make things better. I read that US senate had voted on Thursday to back its own resolution offering "unwavering commitment" to Israel.

That recognised "its right to act in self-defence to protect its citizens against acts of terrorism" and urged a ceasefire that would keep Palestinians from firing rockets at Israel.

Harry Reid, who leads the Democratic majority in the senate, said on Thursday following that vote: "Our resolution reflects the will of the state of Israel and the will of the American people."

Only five, including Ron Paul from Republic, who voted NO.

I guess he has more guts than Obama.

take care.

young_activist said...

Yes, I just read your email, I haven't been on in a while.

Hopefulyy Wiranto will be defeated, the world already has enough leaders like him in power.

If Americans knew what was happening in Palestine, they would certainly not support Israel's "defensive actions" and many Americans do know. The depressing thing is that democrats are supposed to be liberals, but there are some things that are just not up for debate in America. To be honest, I am surprised that many voted against the resolution. I think the U.S has lost a lot of legitimacy with its very public efforts to prevent a cease fire and its complete disregard for human life on the Palestinian side of the conflict.

John said...

Dennis Blair's sordid record when it comes to East Timor and Indonesia should disqualify him for intel chief. The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) has had been urging Obama not to nominate Blair. See more here or sign their petition here

Voice of East Timor said...

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin advocates for the creation of an international criminal process to prosecute crimes against humanity committed in East Timor in 1999. Wiranto is one of the main suspects.

You may support this action by siging the petition to the United Nations which is at

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin -

Elizabeth said...

This is really interesting.

Young Activist said...

Really interesting and sad.

Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth