Sunday, April 19, 2009



Stephen Wilson said...

Seems President Obama was not very popular in rural South Dakota this weekend.

Bar Kochba said...


I've realized that it would be useless to argue over Gaza as the war in Gaza is merely a red herring for you to attack Israel and Zionism. Nothing I say can possible convince you of the justness of the war in Gaza when you do not believe that Jews are a people or deserve to have their own country. I think it would be much more appropriate, seeing as it was just Holocaust Memorial Day, and next week will be the Memorial Day for the Fallen Heroes of the IDF, and Israel's Independence Day, to debate the real issue, namely Zionism. I would like to take you to task for your assertion that the Jewish national liberation movement is somehow illegitimate, as opposed to Tibetan or Egyptian or French nationalism.

I await your response.

Young Activist said...

I am opposed to Zionism, but that is a secondary issue here, I am generally opposed to all nationalism, although I do recognize that some can play a positive role. The issue here is not Zionism, it is human rights. Zionism would not be so detested in the entire world if it were not for the massive violations of human rights and the racism that it has created. Actually there was an early strand of Zionism that stressed cooperation and mutual development with Palestine's indigenous community, if this view had prevailed Zionism today might be regarded extremely favorably in the rest of the world.

And let me anticipate and answer your next question: why do I single out Israel's human rights abuses? I do not, I single out those that are enable and aided by the U.S, and I do this because those are the ones that Americans are able to influence. In any country those genuinely concerned about human rights will be most interested in the abuses of their own government, and those looking for a forum to express their bigotry will focus on the human rights abuses of nations they don't like. The same is true in the U.S.