Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Image: A Palestinian terrorist attempting to exterminate Jews from their historic homeland.

I am well accustomed to propaganda, I understand that accolades to power don't need to base their opinions on evidence or back up their views so long as they can shriek loud enough, I have known this for a long time, but the contemptibly of Cal Thomas's latest rant was still shocking.

Thomas begins by invoking the film Schindler's List which "never ceases to arouse [his] deepest emotions" and before ruminating on "[h]ow could people wantonly kill so many others as a matter of state policy?" That's a good question and one that Thomas, as an apologist for statist violence, is well equipped to explore. But Thomas does not answer it, at least not directly, anyone who reads his column on a regular basis, which in the past has called for the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank might have a few reflections.

Instead Thomas validates Godwin's law, declaring ominously that "[t]here are those who would gladly 'finish the job' the Nazis started," and that the Obama administration in pressuring the Israeli government to implement a plan that will give Israel's enemies the chance to carry out their genocidal ambitions. "Next time," he warns us "it is unlikely there will be an Oskar Schindler to save even a remnant."

The pressure that President Obama is applying towards Israel to freeze construction of illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Thomas informs us, is rooted in the same "blame it on the Jews. It's always their fault" attitude that causes people to blame the Jews for the Holocaust. Never mind that Obama still supports virtually every other violation of international law and humanitarian norms by Israel. Obama has failed to grasp that the Arab world will never come to terms with Israel. Like the NAZIS the Arab world is a bunch of lunatics who strive to murder Jews "simply for being Jewish." Failing to understand this, Thomas instructs us "has been the fundamental flaw in American foreign policy for decades."

Never mind that the Arab States have offered Israel full recognition on its internationally recognized borders, they are nothing more than a bunch of neo-NAZIS bent on destroying Jews wherever they are.

Israel has tried to negotiate. It "has given lots of quid, but has received little quo." Israel is a compassionate nation, but it is absurd to expect it "to stop building homes on its historic territory" without receiving anything in return. Perhaps here it is worth asking Mr. Thomas what do the Palestinian's have left to give in return? They have been ethnically cleansed from 78% of their historic homeland to make way for a state that officially discriminates against them, many cannot even visit the homes where they were born, the homes that they still hold deeds to, the homes that were appropriated by Israel to make way for ethnically pure families, they have been subjected to a forty-year hostile occupation in what remains of their shrinking homelands, they have been canonized, they have been made, in the words of former Israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan "to live like dogs", and they have been driven to the point that even the current Israel defense minister Ehud Barak declares that if he were a Palestinian he would "have joined one of the terrorist organizations."

An indignant Thomas answers this question, bemoaning the racist double standards applied to the conflict Thomas declares his outrage that while demanding a freeze to illegal settlements the Obama administration said nothing when "a new Palestinian housing project has begun in Ramallah. . .[o]nly Israel is not allowed to determine where it's own people live."

The goal of this selective outrage, otherwise known as the application of international law, is clear. "It is to overwhelm the Jewish population and eventually eliminate all Jews from the land, not just land that is in dispute and which Israel holds onto because of its legitimate fear that Arab and Muslim nations, having started five wars, might go for number six if they believe they can win the next one. Only a fool would believe otherwise, given their repeatedly stated intentions and behavior." The Saudi Peace Initiative must be written in some code the rest of the world has obviously misinterpreted. Leave it to Cal Thomas to set the record straight.

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