Saturday, May 9, 2009


The internet has mad massive amounts of new information available. This information has helped many to better understand their views of issues, but it has also allowed people to avoid ideas they disagree with, it has created enclaves of opinion and undermined the need for dialouge between people with differing perspectives. That dialouge needs to be again opened and I hope that this blog can continue to fill that role in new ways. So here is my challenge: what follows are premises all of which I support that I would like to debate with someone who disagrees. If you are interested in debating one of these premises, or want to debate a premise that I have not listed, then please leave a comments and we can work out a word limit and any other necessary details. I'll explain my position, you explain yours, and I'll publish them together on my blog for everyone else to continue the discussion.

Columbus Day should not be a public holiday in the U.S.

U.S foreign policy is not motivated by noble ideals.

Israel is an apartheid state.

The death penalty should be abolished in the U.S.

Nationalism is an ignoble ideology.

The Iraqi people have suffered from the U.S invasion and occupation.

Gay couples should be entitled to the same marriage rights as straight ones.

Popular sovereignty is as important a measure of legitimacy as democracy.

The mainstream American media is biased in favor of the U.S position if foreign affairs.

The U.S has engaged in and supported terrorism.

As used by U.S politicians and media the word 'terrorism' has no objective meaning.

The U.S was not motivated in its invasion of Iraq by a desire to spread democracy.

It is most important to criticize the human rights abuses caused by your own nation than those of others.

The U.S was wrong in its decision to use atomic weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Cold War was primarily a traditional power struggle and not a conflict over ideology.

Marijuana should be legalized.

U.S military spending should be reduced.

Animal Rights activism is a frivolous use of resources.

The religious conflicts in the Muslim world are roughly comparable to those of the Christian reformation.


Bar Kochba said...

I revised my post, added sources, and answered your comment. I would certainly hope that you respond, or else forfeit.

Paul said...

These topics are more a catechism of your own beliefs than an invitation to debate. Nonetheless I am quite happy to enter into any debates re Iraq or for that matter Japan in 1945. I have obviously only experienced the former. I do not believe however that the Iraqi people have suffered less than if military action to depose Saddam were not taken. The end result is what matters although history has yet to be written.

Young Activist said...

Well, this is a challenge to those who disagree with me, so it should be natural that I state my views. Anyways, it would be a pleasure to debate the invasion of Iraq with you, particularly since you have firsthand experience. What thesis do you propose we use?